Are you interested in submitting your own said God. poem?

We’re taking submissions for the next volume of said God. (a new volume will be published each year). This would be a fun exercise and creative activity for study groups, organizations, and individuals. 

Poem Guidelines: 

For your poem to be considered, please adhere to these simple guidelines:  

  • Each poem must start with a quote attributed to God. 
  • The poem should be no more than 40 lines.
  • Each poem should tell or relate to a Bible story.
  • Select a Bible verse(s) that correlates to each poem. 

Submission Instructions

We prefer your poem be submitted in a Microsoft Word document. To submit your poem digitally, email it to, or use the below form. If you prefer to mail your poem, please send your printed poem to the following address along with your name, email and mailing address.  

said God.
Poetry Submissions
PO Box 9166
Greenville, SC 29604-9166

Our group of judges will select the poems for the next edition. We will contact you and let you know if your poem has been selected for the next volume.

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