Most regard the Bible as the starting point for guidance in their faith journey. said God. uses stories from the Bible to inspire, teach, and motivate. We provide a creative way to teach, learn, and explore lessons from the Bible.

Empowering Groups

said God. takes stories from the Bible and offers them up in a creative, interpretative format. This collection of poems is the primary tool for our outreach programs and gives the reader new and different ways to learn these stories. It also acts as a way to empower the reader and offers them a creative outlet to try their hand at writing poetry to tell an inspirational story.

Use said God. as an Educational Resource

said God. uses the annual collection of poetry as the primary tool for outreach programs. The book and accompanying teaching guide can be used as creative educational tools for various groups, including church groups, individuals, prison ministries, schools, organizations, mission work, community shelters, and more.
Church groups, small groups, Sunday school classes, and parishioners of all denominations.
A teaching aid for private religious-based schools of all denomination.
To use in rehabilitation, self-reflection, or creative education.
To use as a creative self-study guide.
Multiple uses in organized classes, reading, libraries, self-reflection, and as creative exercises.

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