Jesus proclaimed that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. At said God., we take this divine instruction to heart. Our mission is to share the gift of God’s word through the use of poetry, art and humor. Regardless of your denomination or religious preference, said God. will help you to explore the Bible and start a conversation with God.

The cornerstone of said God. is our annual book of poetry. Written in today’s vernacular, said God. frames select Bible verses in the context of contemporary themes in order to inspire, teach and motivate. The book and an accompanying teaching guide can be used as creative educational tools for individuals and various groups and outreach programs, including churches, prison ministries, service organizations, missions, community shelters and more.

To continue fulfilling our mission, we need your help. Please consider making a contribution to said God., knowing that every dollar you donate will go towards publishing more books and delivering them to those in need of a creative way to explore the Bible.

Your generosity can help to spread God’s word and bring the gifts of Faith, Hope, Charity and Grace to yourself and others.

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