This annual book of poetry and inspirational illustrations is designed to tell Bible stories in a unique and creative way. Or as Joshua said to the Israelites, “Come here and listen to the words of the LORD your God.”

About the Book

Our annual book of poetry celebrates Bible stories in a unique and fun way. The book is set up as a quick read. We hope the book inspires creative expression, curiosity, and motivates you to try your hand at writing your own Bible story specific poem.

Plus when you buy one, we give one to organizations and groups that are underserved and part of our outreach program (BOGO).


A Helpful Tool with Various Uses

Our annual book of poetry should be used as a primary tool for outreach programs. The books will be distributed along with teaching guides for use as a creative educational tool for various groups. We hope the book also inspires creative expression giving direction for all to experiment and write their own Bible story poem.

Sg Book Spread He Is Who He Says He Is


Church groups, small groups, Sunday school classes, and parishioners of all denominations.


A teaching aid for private religious-based schools of all denominations.

Prisons Ministry

To use in rehabilitation, self-reflection, or creative education.


To use as a creative self-study guide.


A learning tool for Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Young Life, and more.

Community Shelters

Multiple uses in organized classes, reading, libraries, self-reflection, and as creative exercises.

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