What would God say?

said God. is a creative exploration of Bible stories through personal conversations with God using poetry, art, and humor. Using today's vernacular, the said God. book tells Bible stories in the context of contemporary themes to inspire, teach, and motivate.

What would God say as it relates to everyday life? This simple book is a collection of poems based on select Bible stories. Each poem starts with a quote from God that leads us through a creative way to interpret and learn a specific Bible story and verse. Think of it as a conversation starter, a way to explore the Bible through poetry and art.

Church Groups

said God. uses the annual collection of poetry as the primary tool for outreach programs. The book and accompanying teaching guide can be used as creative educational tools for various groups, including church groups, individuals, prison ministries, schools, organizations, mission work, community shelters and more.

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Carry the conversation with you in everyday items. You’ll find clever sayings to help spark a conversation while enjoying cool stuff. These items can be used as awards, gifts, prizes and more. All proceeds from the sales go to help expand the outreach programs.

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